links and information...

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite links and other important information so you can learn a little more about disasters, natural and mand-made, and how to prepare for them.

weather related
  1. NOAA - Educational Resources
  2. NOAA - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
  3. NOAA - National Hurricane Center
  4. NOAA - National Weather Service
  5. NOAA - Tornados
  6. NOAA - Severe Weather Awareness
  7. NOAA - Tsunami Education for Kids
  8. NOAA - Jetstream - An Introduction to Tropical Weather
  9. USAF - U. S. Fire Administration
  10. USAF - U. S. Fire Administration for Kids
disaster related
  1. FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
  2. FEMA for Kids
friends of KTTr

With much gratitude and thanks, we want to acknowledge organizations that support our project. Without their help, KTTR would not have become a reality. Thank you for helping us help kids who are less fortunate.

  1. The Salvation Army
  2. BitCrafter Media Corporation
  3. ForteFocus

our favorite links...
the salvation army
Hear what Annette Bauer, Public Relations Director from The Salvation Army, has to say about Kids To The Rescue. Click here.

(To listen, you must have Quicktime installed on your computer.)